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Arden Andersen Physician, Scientist
Farmer, Farm Consultant leading advocate of Biological Farming
& Nutrient Dense
Dr. Andersen teaches farmers to create soil fertile enough to grow crops with better vitality, more nutrients, fewer chemicals, more disease & pest resistant.
As medical doctor, Arden understands a leading cause of sickness is nutrient-poor food.
As farmer, Arden knows the cure isn’t pills, but full spectrum soil fertility & food nutrition.
Nutrient-Dense Manifesto
A Call to Action
for Soil, Health, Food Quality and the Future of Farming
CLICK HERE for 2-page .pdf

VISION: A New Green Revolution
To restore human health by renewing the minerals and life in soils
      to optimize the nutritional quality of food.
To support farmers to apply the biological science principles
      of 21st century agriculture in effective soil stewardship.
To create Standards, Certification and Marketing
      to deliver authentic Nutrient-Dense foods to consumers.

CAUSE & CONDITIONS: Where we are, how we got here
WHEREAS six of the ten leading causes of death are due to diet and food quality;
WHEREAS nutrients are 15-75% less than 70 years ago when USDA began publishing data;
WHEREAS food today has low nutrients due to poor nutritional practices of farmers;
WHEREAS 20th Century farmers used huge amounts of refined fertilizers with a few nutrients,
      neglecting the many nutrients essential to health at parts per million, per billion, or less;
WHEREAS acid rain and snow accelerated this aging and depletion of soil;
WHEREAS most soils are low in minerals, trace elements, essential nutrients & microbiology;
WHEREAS no quality standard in the market identifies foods with superior nutrition;
WHEREAS “USDA Certified Organic” is not an assurance of higher nutrient density or flavor;
WHEREAS we can grow nutritious, better tasting crops without toxins or greenhouse gases;
WHEREAS tens of thousands of acres of Nutrient-Dense foods already grow in America;
WHEREAS we still are using 20th Century thinking to address our 21st Century challenges;


OBJECTIVES: Higher Food Quality Standard
  • Advocate interconnections of soil fertility, food quality and human health
  • Teach growers the biological methods & materials of 21st Century agriculture
  • Improve the mineral balance of our soils
  • Optimize the nutrient content of our foods
  • Increase production of Nutrient-Dense foods
  • Publish Standards & Practices for Nutrient-Dense production
  • Certification of Nutrient-Dense food & producers
  • Expand marketing & promotion for Nutrient-Dense food
  • Educate consumers about Nutrient-Dense quality Standards
  • Research to document the values of Nutrient-Dense Foods
  • Form a national Nutrient-Dense organization
  • Hold a national Nutrient-Dense conference
  • PRINCIPLES: Guiding Insights

    Soil Stewardship: living community of the soil food web
    Biological Agriculture: from chemical to ecological paradigm
    Carbon-Negative Food: sequester CO2 from the atmosphere
    Community-Supportive: LIFE = locally integrated food & energy
    Member Involvement: initiative from the ground up
    Community Building: personal & professional relationships
    Mutual Empowerment: grassroots change by we, the people
    Transparency: open communication & full disclosure
    Openness: information exchange & public online database

    PARTICIPANTS: Completing the Food Circle
    Manage for Nutrient-Dense production
    Grow high Brix, Nutrient-Dense foods
    Regular soil tests
    Nutrient testing of products
    Sharing lab data & test results
    Consumer responsiveness
    Buy Nutrient-Dense foods
    Seek Nutrient-Dense Producers
    Provide feedback on Brix and taste
    Protect food data integrity and proper calibration
    Educate folks on Nutrient-Dense foods
    Farm Consultants
    Advise Producers on effective practices
    Study the latest Nutrient-Dense research
    Evaluate advances in production methods
    Ensure the needs of Producer & Consumer
    No conflicts of interest
    Seek products from certified Producers
    Properly identify certified products
    Support prices to encourage consumption
    Post marketing & education materials
    Periodic audits of food nutrient profiles
    Farm Supply Dealers
    Sell amendments to grow Nutrient-Dense
    Help producers minimize production costs
    Bulk purchases for discount prices
    Distribution networks to reduce freight
    Ensure quality of all amendments
    Educate the public to benefits of Nutrient-Dense
    Teach consumers about Brix, taste and nutrients
    Weblinks to RFC/ND websites
    Assist Campaign marketing efforts
    Soil & Nutrient Labs
    Provide thorough and accurate analyses
    Post test results to RFC website

    MEETING DEMAND: Increasing Production Capacity
    The first challenge is to train and qualify competent growers. Producer training will emphasize hands-on skill building in an annual workshop series and field days, augmented by online resources, powerpoint & videos. Special topics trainings and demonstrations will address emerging issues and challenges.

    Mutual support networks in regional associations provides grower-to-grower education, a shared database and local leadership. Continuing producer support requires consultants, online databases, ongoing research, and frequent demonstration field days. Each region must develop farm centers to showcase biological farming methods.
    A Grower Training Council
    will develop programs and resources
    to teach farmers Nutrient-Dense principles, production and marketing.

    CERTIFICATION: Setting the Quality Standard
    Third party certification is essential to market integrity. Growers sign contracts that specify performance criteria for a trademark license. Growers must document soil tests and fertility protocols, including routine crop assessments by Brix, pH and conductivity. Final approval requires steady high Nutrient Analysis of crop tissues. All certification data and test results will be accessible in an online database.
    A Standards Board
    composed of growers and others will annually publish
    the Standards & Practices for Nutrient-Dense Certification.
    A Certification Board
    must develop paperwork and protocols
    to qualify, enroll and monitor producers and products from farm-to-market.

    GENERATING DEMAND: Consumer Mobilization
    Already, consumer interest in Nutrient-Dense is high. Information on Nutrient-Dense retailers, producers and production will be online as a searchable database. However, retailers and consumer groups have key roles to motivate consumers, develop educational literature, sponsor seminars, and open commercial distribution markets. Internet-based marketing and information require staff to maintain and upgrade websites.
    A Marketing Board
    will develop strategy, tools and programs to increase visibility and promotion
    of Nutrient-Dense products, producers and principles.
    An Education & Outreach Council
    will develop literature and programs
    to teach consumers about Nutrient-Dense food and production.

    A Grassroots Initiative

    This Nutrient-Dense initiative isn't funded by government, corporations or foundations. This movement is sustained by donations and memberships from private individuals, and by the volunteer work of concerned, motivated citizens. Farmers who currently grow nutrient-dense crops largely do so, not for higher prices, but because it's right for their soil, for their farms, for their customers, for future generations.

    You are invited to become an active participant in restoring health to America and nutrition to our food by renewing the minerals and microbes in soil. Join the new Green Revolution. Get involved with bringing nutrient-dense to your family, your food store, your community. Sign up to be a Campaign member by filling out a Membership Form.
    24 Hillsville Road
    North Brookfield, MA 01535
    (978) 257-2627
    Director: Daniel Kittredge
    Organization: David Yarrow
    Fund-Raising: Tad Montgomery
    Knowledge Base: Delia Windwalker
    Website: Zeke
    Organic Connections
    Remineralize the Earth
    Midwestern Bio-Ag
    Carbon-Negative Network
    Crop Services Internatnl
    International Ag Labs
    Nutrient Dense Supply
    EcoTechnologies Group
    KBR Farms
    Soil Secrets
    Lancaster Ag
    Pike AgriLab
    First North American Conference
    Nutrient-Dense Food
    November 7 & 8, 2010
    Workshops, Speakers, Panels
    Production — Marketing — Food & Health
    Livestock — Soil Food Web — Research
    Founders Meeting
    Nutrient-Dense Food Assoc.
    a not-for-profit organization
    First Election
    NDFA Board of Directors
    Task Group Reports
    plans to begin services in 2011
    Standards, Certification & Marketing
    Board Selection
    Standards, Certification & Marketing
    Standards, Certification & Marketing
    2010 Conference
    Education & Outreach
    Grower Training
    Standards & Practices
    Six Task Groups will form action plans
    for specific services to begin in 2011
    Task Group conference calls begin in January
    fill out a Membership Form
    Support the new Green Revolution!

    David Yarrow — — — updated 2/6/2009